Technical Stuff

My Machine

Tools I use (Ubuntu).

1. Firefox Addons: I have combined the Menubar, Navigation bar, Caption bar into a single bar to gain workspace. [Help]

2. LXR. [Help]

Script to Add/Remove/Refresh code in LXR.

3. SVN [Help]

4. GIT [Help]

5. Nomachine: Remote Desktop. [Help]

6. Gnumeric allows plotting paper friendly graphs, which can directly be exported as eps.

7. Zotero to collect paper references to be cited.

Technical Stuff

Xen Guest Installation

1. Follow the instructions on this site.

2. Use "sudo /usr/sbin/debootstrap --arch amd64 <distribution> <dir>" command.

3. Use this command to boot your guest : xm create -c xen.conf

(Newer Distributions have compatibility issues with PV Linux Kernel)

Configuring NIS (On Fedora) [Help]

Yum Repository for Fedora

rpm -Uhv --nodeps

Setting up PXE Boot [Help]